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Private Investigator Coquitlam- What Services Do They Offer?

A Coquitlam Private Investigator or Professional Investigator is a civilian employed by a Coquitlam BC private investigations company hired to investigate “subjects” by a customer. In Coquitlam, the customer is known as the "client." The “subject” is usually a person or persons but can also be a Coquitlam business. The customer can be an individual, corporation, and even a government agency.

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What Does a Coquitlam Private Investigator Investigate?

The Coquitlam Private Investigator (not called Coquitlam Private Detective)can investigate a wide variety of things; however, Private Investigators in Coquitlam BC mostly investigate insurance fraud for insurance companies. Coquitlam Private Investigators typically take on investigative cases that do not fall under the purview of a government agency, such as civil matters while BC government agencies will cover serious criminal cases. Because a Private Investigator is just a normal Coquitlam citizen, they do not have any special investigative privileges. A Private Investigator in Coquitlam BC has the same authority of any Coquitlam citizen with the exception that a Coquitlam PI is allowed to offer investigative services to customers and has the expertise in investigations.

Coquitlam Private Detective

Coquitlam Private Investigator Clients

The most common clients for Private Investigators in Coquitlam are insurance companies, law firms, private corporations, and Coquitlam citizens. Investigations conducted for these clients will frequently involve potential fraud. Other clients in Coquitlam will want to obtain more detailed information in order to adjudicate or manage an insurance claim. Many of these cases are mitigated through the hiring of a Coquitlam Private Investigator. They can include both surveillance and non-surveillance efforts. Coquitlam investigations often obtain more information faster than legal processes such as discovery (the pretrial disclosure of relevant evidence), thus providing the Investigator’s clients more information for decision-making. The Investigator’s clients can ask for investigations in Coquitlam on a wide variety of topics such as,

Coquitlam Private Investigator Legislation

Most people think that Coquitlam Private Investigators are granted extra provincial BC legislative powers; however, this is not entirely true.

  • A local Coquitlam PI is just a civilian but has developed more tools than the general public and is more skilled and aware of how best to leverage those tools.

  • The level of skill, experience, and expertise will determine the cost of a Coquitlam Private Investigator.

Furthermore, in Coquitlam British Columbia, Investigators legally have the right to conduct surveillance. This means a Coquitlam Investigator cannot be accused of loitering. Make no mistake, Investigators in Coquitlam have legal means and methodologies that make them effective. In contrast, the police have access to vastly more verifiable information, such as BC provincial wide data bases only accessible by law enforcement. For a Coquitlam PI, much of the time, is spent in establishing or verifying information.

Coquitlam PI Criminal Investigation

Investigating crime in Coquitlam or more correctly, investigating serious crime in Coquitlam is usually under the purview of Coquitlam BC government agencies. So, do Private Investigators in Coquitlam ever investigative serious crime. Short answer no, long answer yes with a “but.” Private Investigators in Coquitlam can and do investigate serious crime; however, it is very rare. What a Coquitlam Professional Investigator will investigate most in their career will be blue collar crimes such as insurance fraud. Furthermore, the few Coquitlam Private Investigators who have investigated serious crime have done so with large obstacles in their way.

coquitlam detective

Who would ask a Coquitlam Private Eye to investigate a serious crime? Typically, it is a family member or someone close to the victim or victims of a serious crime who was not satisfied with the local Coquitlam police investigation. This is not to say that the police investigation was poorly executed, just that the client was not satisfied with the investigative outcome for whatever reason.

Coquitlam PI Criminal Investigation Obstacles

The obstacles that Coquitlam Private Investigators face when investigating serious crime are two-fold:

  • the obvious first issue is access to evidence

  • the second, not so obvious, issue is economics

Private Investigators in Coquitlam are not what you see portrayed on movies and television. They do not sit around a noir style office in Coquitlam waiting for a serious crime file to be placed on their desk. Coquitlam Private Investigators need good constant revenue streams, investigating serious crime in Coquitlam is not one of them. As mentioned before, constant revenue stream comes from fraud investigations, at least for most Coquitlam Private Investigators. The issue of economics even makes it difficult for an individual to even find a Coquitlam Private Investigator who will investigate a serious crime.

Coquitlam Private Investigators

So, who are the Private Investigators in Coquitlam who specialize in investigating serious crime? There are non. Yes, there are Investigators who have successfully investigated a serious crime or two, and became famous for it, but if you look into their career you will see that serious crime investigations makes up a very small portion of their history. This article is not to downplay Coquitlam Private Investigators who have investigated and solved serious crimes. A PI who has investigated and solved a serious crime in Coquitlam should be proud. The ability to become a Private Investigator in Coquitlam who has gained a reputation that will make clients confident that they can solve a serious crime is impressive.

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