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Private Investigator Undercover



Undercover Private Investigator

The use of Undercover Operations is a lawful technique used in the detection and investigation of economic crime investigations, theft, fraud, embezzlement, corporate espionage and issues dealing with corporate and personal integrity.


Our undercover investigators will assume a covert identity for the purpose of gaining confidence and establish evidence or information which would be unavailable otherwise.

Our team of professionals are able to assimilate seamlessly and are assigned to our client’s various situational requirements, based on their various business experiences, ethnic, social and geographical backgrounds.


Our undercover operatives with training in the field, are capable of working in many industries and occupations. Due to the sensitive nature of these assignments, details and methodologies will be discussed upon meeting with our senior staff.           


Are theft, fraud, embezzlement, corporate espionage possibilities or happening in your business? 


10 Leading or Lagging Indicators an Employee Might be Hurting your Brand or Stealing from the Business

  1. An increase in voids, overrides or canceled checks 

  2. An increase in tardiness or absenteeism 

  3. Eager to assist or help with cash related transactions

  4. Is known to gamble regularly 

  5. Behaviour changes without explanation 

  6. Observed in areas that they are not typically required

  7. Regularly asking or offering to leave or end a shift early 

  8. Someone with an ongoing dispute with the company

  9. Someone suspected of abusing company benefits

  10. Employees that have an obvious sense of entitlement

Some situations will require New Data Risk Solutions & Investigations Investigative Integrity Audits


Investigative HR & LR Support

Theft Investigation Vancouver BC
Warehouse Undercover Investigations

New Data Risk Solutions and Investigations Inc has conducted Undercover Operations pertaining to; 

  • Retail environments 

  • Warehouse environments

  • Industrial environments

  • Professional environments

  • Bars & nightclub environments

  • Hospitality environments

  • Union environments  

  • Restaurant environments 

These are some of the varied 

environments that our Investigators have worked and provided insightful, meaningful intelligence and evidence.

Please call us today for a confidential consultation, 604-260-1100

It's also very important that very few people ever know about any intention or actions to hire an undercover Investigator. It is suggested that only 1 or 2 people (executives) at the very most, ever know.


This is critical to the success of an undercover operation. 

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