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Cybre Investigation


Cyber Investigation


Cyber or Background Investigation

Pre-Surveillance or Cyber Investigations

In the past, a workup was conducted on all Surveillance and Investigation assignments. This was necessary in the case of surveillance with the intention to ensure that the surveillance was established with the most accurate and updated information.


Pre-Surveillance has evolved from the ever-present and growing forms of open source and publicly available information. Pre-Surveillance or Cyber Investigations are playing an expanded and vital role in all investigations and especially pertaining to surveillance.


Pre-Surveillance is generally a condensed cyber or background investigation conducted from a computer where Subject information is Verified, Identified and Expanded on, using skilled, lawful means and methods.

Cyber Investigations can be conducted as a Pre-Surveillance, but these Cyber Investigations can also evolve into complete Background and Cyber Profiling Investigations. One of the major differences between a Cyber Investigation and a Backgroung Check or Profile is usually the budget or time alloted for the Investigation. 


Typical Budgets 

Pre- Surveillance = 2 to 4 hrs 

Cyber Investigation = 10 to 12 hrs 

Background or Cyber Profiling = 15 to 30 hrs


As the name suggests this type of Investigation is designed to confirm information that has been provided is current and uptodate. Meaning its vitally important to have the correct and curent address of a Subject. In addition, obtaining identifcation pictures of the Subject, family or pets will be very helpful in positivily identifying the Subject. Researching maps of the area and possible setups or vantage points for surveillance. Sometimes vehicle and unknown business information can be established. All these Pre-Surveillance data points enable the Investigation to start with factors that lead to a productive surveillance. 

Cyber Investigation 

The term Cyber has become the accepted and understood term for everything online or internet related. 

A Cyber Investigation a few years back would have been simply called a Background Investigation or even Due Diligence. More and more information is stored, compiled and desseminated online today than ever before in human history. These investigations will focus largely on obtaining meaningful information on identifiable people and companies. The scope generally is determined by what is available online and what can be accessed legally and lawfully. Budgets for these investigations can vary as some clients have replaced the background investigation with a cyber investigation

Cyber or Background Profile 

Building off the Cyber Investigation. The Cyber or Background Profile will generally dig much deeper. An Investigator will not focus just on information available online. Depending on the scope and nature of the assignment the Investigator might conduct physical checks of addresses, business and personal. Locate ad Interview people and possibly take statements. 

There are many variations to these investigations, far to many to outline them all.  A good rule of thumb is the scope of these investigations are only limited by the skill of the Investigator and will of the client. 

Background Private Investigator
Open Source Private Investigations
  • Confirm Identifiable pictures of a subject

  • Address confirmation

  • Additional phone numbers

  • Maps of the area and street views

  • Vehicle information

  • Details pertaining to other friends and family

  • Social activities and clubs

  • Business activities

Cyber or Due Diligence Investigation Vancouver BC
  • Additional employment information

  • Previous employment information

  • Timeline of events over the past days, months and sometimes years

  • Hobbies and recreational activities

  • Civil court history

  • Criminal court history

  • News articles & media spots

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