Cybre Investigation

Pre-Surveillance or Cyber Investigation: In the past, a workup was conducted on all Surveillance and Investigation assignments. This was necessary in the case of surveillance with the intention to ensure that the surveillance was established with the most accurate and updated information.


Pre-Surveillance has evolved from the ever-present and growing forms of open source and publicly available information. Pre-Surveillance is playing an expanded and vital role in all investigations and especially pertaining to surveillance.


Pre-Surveillance is generally a condensed investigation conducted from a computer where the following information is obtained through skilled, lawful means and methods.

  • Confirm Identifiable pictures of a subject

  • Address confirmation

  • Additional phone numbers

  • Maps of the area and street views

  • Vehicle information

  • Details pertaining to other friends and family

  • Social activities and clubs

  • Business activities

  • Additional employment information

  • Previous employment information

  • Timeline of events over the past days, months and sometimes years

  • Hobbies and recreational activities

  • Civil court history

  • Criminal court history

  • News articles & media spots