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Background Check Vancouver BC



Background Check Vancouver

Background Checks & Cyber  Profiling Investigations. 

Prior to engaging in any business relationship our team of private investigators will assist in establishing the personal and professional reputation of anyone. It is important to determine who you are dealing with or more importantly whom you are doing business with. It is our goal to establish clarity and truth to what before, might have only been a perception.

Listen to your instinct about that person, you are not sure about and let us provide you with "New Data" and meaningful information. 

Call today to inquire about what we can uncover and discover for you. 

As part of background checks or cyber profiling, due diligence, and legal support, our investigators will establish and provide legal, comprehensive, conclusive, documented, information about corporations and individuals. Based on the need and budget the following services and searches will be provided:

Vancouver Background Check
Background Investigator Vancouver.jpg
  • Civil history

  • Corporate & limited partnership searches

  • Credential verification (consent required for personal) 

  • Criminal history

  • Bankruptcies, liens & judgments search

  • Business license

  • Business name search

  • Drivers’ history (consent required) 

  • Education verification

  • Employment verification

  • Firearms search

  • VIN searches

  • Media searches

  • Multinational searches

  • Death Records searches

  • Officers/directors records searches

  • Personal reference verification searches

  • Phone - landline number searches

  • Professional license verification

  • Property ownership searches

  • Toll free number searches

  • Vehicle and vessel searches

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