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Brand, Service & Integrity Audits

 Investigative INTEGRITY  AUDITS


Intellectual & Property Theft Investigations

Intellectual & Property Theft & Investigative Integrity Audits

At New Data Risk Solutions & Investigations we have pioneered Investigative Integrity Audits and the use of covert video. We have perfected the processes and techniques in conducting cash handling integrity audits, service level, and corporate brand audits.


These services have been provided on a National level with consistent and sometimes surprising results to;

  1. National restaurant brands

  2. National hotel or hospitality brands

  3. Night clubs

  4. Pubs and Bars

  5. Businesses where cash is predominantly or regularly utilized for transactions  

  6. Sporting Venues

Cash Handling Integrity Audits

Our Covert Video Leaves Nothing to Question

These files are conducted professionally, requiring experienced surveillance investigators skilled in investigative integrity audits. The Investigator is hired to check the integrity of one or more of a client's employees or vendors.


These files can take on a variety of scenarios with slightly different needs or approaches.  The investigator interacts with an employee (video can be obtained and is recommended) creating an opportunity to test or observe the person's behavior or integrity. Following an audit, the client will receive a full accounting of all checks, along with a detailed report and video of all checks if authorized in advance.

10 Leading or Lagging Indicators an Employee Might be Hurting your Brand or Stealing from the Business

  1. An increase in voids, overrides or canceled checks 

  2. An increase in tardiness or absenteeism 

  3. Eager to assist or help with cash related transactions

  4. Is known to gamble regularly 

  5. Behaviour changes without explanation 

  6. Observed in areas that they are not typically required

  7. Regularly asking or offering to leave or end a shift early 

  8. Someone with an ongoing dispute with the company

  9. Someone suspected of abusing company benefits

  10. Employees that have an obvious sense of entitlement

Some situations will require New Data Risk Solutions & Investigations Undercover Investigative Operations.

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