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Intellectual Property Private Investigator

Private investigator about Intellectual Property: The worth of a company, especially in certain markets is based largely upon its Intellectual Property (IP). With easy access to information these days and the increase of corporate espionage from internal and external standpoints, companies are increasingly vulnerable. We work closely with legal counsel assisting them with obtaining enough evidence to reduce or eliminate the threat while standing up through the judicial process.

Companies invest heavily in Intellectual Property (IP) and if compromised, this could jeopardize their economic future. At New Data Risk Solutions & Investigations we pride ourselves on utilizing whatever legal means necessary to document, mitigate, and identify the people responsible while recovering any Intellectual Property.

We have tailored our services to further assist our clients when dealing with these difficult and litigious situations, such as:

Intellectual Property Investigator
Copyright Private Investigator
  • Security Services – using personal or state of the art technology, implementing new safeguards.

  • Integrity Checks – providing a risk assessment before and after an investigation, making sure the right solution is working.

  • Network & Data Security – creating comprehensive physical and electronic solutions, working with existing systems and ensuring future accountability and security.   

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