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Executive Close Protection, Vancouver, Surrey & BC



Executive Close Protection & Bodyguard Services - Vancouver

Executive Bodyguard or Protective Services: 


New Data Risk Solutions & Investigative Services will provide you with the highest level of Executive Personal Protection from driving, meetings, events, travel as well as general personal security.


All of our operatives are trained to the highest standards in Personal Protection and all related subjects including first aid, diplomacy, and protocol.


We can arrange for limousines, armored vehicles, private jet charters, V.I.P. Tours, and more. All our operatives have the experience and knowledge to ensure that you feel secure and comfortable in all situations as well as peace of mind that all our operatives adhere to a strict code of confidentiality.

Executive Close Protection & Bodyguard Services - Vancouver, Surrey & BC

We are experienced in the full range of V.I.P. protection and provide every level of personalized services that a V.I.P. comes to expect. We are highly professional and utilizing discretion plays an important factor in our ability to handle assignments effectively, while protecting our client’s interest.

New Data Risk Solutions & Investigations can provide corporations or families with customized solutions tailored to circumstances, threat levels and overall needs. 

If you are looking for permanent hire we can locate and source operatives and provide a transition plan. We are willing to provide these services placing our client's needs above our own interest. 


Rates for these types of services will vary based on many factors such as but not limited too: skills or expertise required, threat levels, coverage, and duration of assignments. 


Call us today for more information.   

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