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Servicing the greater Vancouver area, including Surrey, Richmond, Burnaby, Coquitlam, New West, Langley, Abbotsford, and Chilliwack.

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Does your business or home not feel right? What should you do if you feel like someone might be listening to your conversations?


New Data Risk Solutions & Investigations provides professional comprehensive, Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) also known as bug sweeping eavesdropping detection. Our Investigative technicians will provide Bug Sweeping Eavesdropping Detection for any vehicle, office, home or room. Our Investigators will search or sweep offices, boardrooms, homes, and vehicles for hidden cameras, tapped phones, and electronic listening devices.


We only use the latest technology and techniques. Our experts are trained to deal with all aspects of transmitted voice or data communications. Our experts are capable of inspecting for cutting edge listening devices and old school analogue devices and means for which others can manipulate in order to eavesdrop or listen-in to private conversations.  

Common Types of Listening or Surveillance Devices

  • Hacking or monitoring a computer's camera. Thus providing audio and video capabilities 

  • Modifying existing phone or phone systems and higher functions like "room monitoring" 

  • Cellphone Apps: some of these apps can be installed remotely and remain-on undetected for years

  • Hidden microphones, it's getting much easier and very inexpensive to buy these devices on the internet

  • Hidden Video Recording, all you need these days is google and you can buy devices ready to go, that look like all sorts of devices, but they are designed to record video, that is stored or transmitted elsewhere

  • Wiretapping, more common in the business environment, usually installed in the phone room or       d-mark pannel. These devices can be powered for years and remain in the backdrop of the telecommunications room, totally undetected.  

Electronic surveillance detection

Other types of listening device or Bugs​

  • Infrared transmitters

  • RF video cameras

  • Hard wired CCTV Cameras

  • Contact microphones

  • Operating magnetic tape recorders

  • Hard-wire microphones

  • Internal inductive telephone taps

  • PBX hard-wire taps

  • Unintentional wiring compromises

  • Active radio frequency transmitters

  • Inert frequency transmitters

  • RF telephone transmitters

  • Frequency hopping transmitters

  • Spread spectrum transmitters

  • Carrier current transmitters

  • Telephone infinity transmitters

  • Modified/tampered telephone sets

  • Internal hard-wire taps

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