Locate Missing People & Witnesses
Locate Missing People & Witnesses

Locate Missing People & Witnesses: At New Data Risk Solutions & Investigations we are especially proud that we are highly successful in locating missing defendants, debtors, witnesses, lost family, friends, or simply individuals who do not want to be located and faded out and under the radar.


Our network of contacts and investigators throughout Canada, America, Asia, and Europe serves us well.


Our locates provide accurate, fast, and cost-effective results.


We are also able to assist in paternal identification services such as DNA testing and research in the area of family history. These are some of our most rewarding investigative services. Locating a lost family member and loved one makes this aspect of our work not only rewarding but also uplifting.

Locate Missing People & Witnesses
Locate Missing People & Witnesses

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If you need assistance locating someone for any of the following reasons: 

  • A paternal parent or family member

  • Witness to an accident or crime

  • Difficult Subpoena for service 

  • Missing or run-away child 

  • Long lost friend or relative

  • Owner of a business

  • Old boss for a reference  

  • Debtor for repayment purposes

  • Business associate 

  • Overseas, out of country individuals 

  • Cyber Bullies 

  • Cyber evidence 

Locate Missing People & Witnesses