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Private Investigator Collection of Interesting and Instructional  Videos 

It would be quite something to be able to display our authentic work, however, our better judgment, privacy laws, and our clients would not allow this. Rightfully so! 


What you will find are curated and created videos that will provide a real sense of what it might be like to be a Private Investigator or how to become a Private  Investigator.  

Our goal is to provide insight to our clients and potential clients that we care about education and training. That through our passion for education and training our Investigators are the best in the business, teaching and mentoring the next generation of Private Investigators.  This passion for knowledge and teaching not to mention years of dedicated expertise and experience translates to all New Data Risk Solutions & Investigations clients and assignments.

We believe that there is an investigator inside of everyone but like other professions without training, education, and experience, it's only just, a thought that  "I would be a great investigator" 

If you think you have what it takes START HERE. 

None of the footage contains real Subjects or Claimants