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Due Diligence Investigations Vancouver BC

Due Diligence


Due Diligence Vancouver

Due Diligence: With the fast pace of business today, time can be a limited commodity. Businesses and key stakeholders are faced with making decisions that at times will lack history, experience or knowledge of a particular personal or professional relationship. Trust in business is critical as well as the ability to enforce contractual obligations. Our team of proven investigators utilizing every legal means necessary will provide services and searches in many different situations and business scenarios such as but not limited too:

  • Acquisition, partnership or joint venture agreements

  • Arbitration proceedings

  • Assessing competitors or opponents

  • Certifications of franchises, vendors, product representatives

  • Civil and criminal litigation history

  • Corporate and financial transactions

  • Corporate documents of the company and subsidiaries

  • Employees and related parties

  • Execution or enforcement of judgments

  • Financial information

  • Bankruptcies – credit history

  • Fraud prevention and detection

  • Governmental regulations and filings

  • Insurance and liability

  • Investments – business and personal

  • Material contracts and agreements

  • Previous issuances of securities

  • Property and asset searches

  • Background Checks

Due Diligence Investigator Vancouver Surrey and BC
Investigative Due Diligence Surrey BC

Investigative Due Diligence or Business Intelligence, is often more deliberately focused than what is typically performed for more routine corporate, business, or personal transactions. 

We work closely with our clients their advisory and legal teams. We go a few layers deeper, confirming in realtime what is believed to be known and or accepted as the truth. 

Think of Investigative Due Diligence as obtaining court ready evidentiary proof of important facts or beliefs. 

It's much easier today than in the past to present a business or person in the digital world that is quite different in realtime or reality. Investigative Due Diligence will enable our clients to confirm what they have been provided as true and meaningful information. 

Call us today if you have any questions or need to dig just a little deeper 

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