Labour Relations Investigations
Labour Relations Investigations support for Corporations, Executives & their LR & HR teams, assisting them with Labour & Union issues.

At New Data Risk Solutions & Investigations we work closely with Corporations, Executives and their (HR) Human Resources team, assisting them in managing labour and union-related issues. Due to the complexity and sensitive nature of these types of assignments we recommend a consultation with one of our experts.


Some of the services that are generally required or provided but are not limited too.

LR & HR Investigations
  • Surveillance – because of malicious or retaliatory acts against the company and for court injunction purposes

  • Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) bug sweeping / Electronic Eavesdropping Detection – for meetings, conference and breakout rooms, as well as collective bargaining locations

  • Open Source (OSINT) or Cyber Investigations – social media plays a major role in people and groups organizing protests or communicating more malicious  intentions

  • Executive Protection – at time labour scenarios can lead to threats being made towards people and the organization. There are many levels of protection available, tailored to the level of risk

  • Guard Security - times it can be necessary to have security personal onsite 24/7 until it is deemed no longer necessary

  • Physical Integrity Checks – prior to any concerns that might arise, conducting a physical check of relative areas and locations can be advisable