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Not all Investigation Firms and their Investigators are equal.


Like many other professions such as Lawyers, Doctors, Accountants, or Mechanics, some perform average, some are good and some are exceptional. If you are considering hiring a Private Investigator, what you are really doing is hiring an Investigations Firm. Private Investigators in the province of BC are not legally entitled to work for clients without Insurance and a

Security business license.


Things that you should take into consideration when selecting or hiring a Vancouver Private Investigator or Surrey Private Investigator or any Private Investigator in BC. 

  • Training - what are the firms training capabilities and practices 

  • How many hours of experience does the Firm or Investigator have on the specific type of investigation you require

  • Rates: Hiring a Private Investigator in Vancouver or Surrey or anywhere else in BC is not an inexpensive proposition. Hiring a Firm based on Rates is not suggested 

  • Geography or location: You don't need to hire a Private Investigator that is close to where you live or where the assignment might be. The Firms that are established have people all over the province with a multitude of skillsets. You should express to the Firm you want the best that they have, regardless of geographical proximities. 

  • Planning: Ensure that you are clear on the approach or plan for the assignment, ensure that you receive confirmation in writing. Ensure you ask any and all questions you might have. There are no questions that you shouldn't feel comfortable asking. 

  • Expectations: you should expect that the Firm you hire and its Investigator place your interest as their top priority, at the same time once you feel good about whom you have hired, trust, and work with them to ensure the best results and outcomes. 

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