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New Data Risk Solutions & Investigation's vision towards the future is aligned with using technology as a tool in the investigative process. Less than 15 years ago the tools of an Investigator were limited to a camcorder, vehicle, his or her network of relationships, and life experiences. Today technology and understanding how to use and leverage technologies can provide the modern investigator with more tools than ever imaginable.

At New Data, all our people are skilled, adept, trained, and accomplished in using the best, most appropriate, and cost-effective technologies to advance an investigation.

Vancouver BC PI Technology

Top ten advancements in technology that have changed the investigative landscape:

  1. Google – Google have been digitizing everything in the world and almost everything on the internet is dependent on Google, making it the main search tool for any investigator

  2. Social media: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and others - providing investigators with publicly available past, current, and real-time insights into people’s lives

  3. DSLR cameras - high-quality video with many lens attachments, with SD memory storage

  4. Portable memory - SD memory cards are capable to store over 1 TB of information (video) the cost of this mass storage is dropping monthly

  5. Covert Video Systems – covert video is cost-effectively available in many forms, it’s reasonable to expect any Investigator to own more than 2 systems as part of his or her daily equipment

  6. Smart Phones – GPS mapping, access to internet, communication, file management systems, email, text messaging, covert video capabilities, and a whole host of apps that can assist an investigator in the field

  7. Dash Cameras – low cost, high-quality video without the risk of driving and filming at the same time

  8. Portable wireless video streaming/system – used lawfully in many surveillances or investigations that in the past might have required more than one Investigator

  9. Portable Power – batteries have advanced to the point that an investigator can power all devices needed for a day and even more. These systems are lightweight and very portable. 

  10. Cloud Storage – highly secure, easy to access 24/7, and low-cost connectivity.

Those are some of the positives aspects that assist an Investigator. Many of the listed items above can potentially become a concern for an Investigator as the general public is utilizing these technologies in growing and growing numbers. These and many other new and advancing technologies are also going to require the modern Professional Investigator to be aware, cautious and counteractive.


One great example Surveillance operators need to be aware of systems like Nest (owned by Google) cameras and many systems like Nest. Many homes now utilize a wireless CCTV system that monitors people’s properties, extending into neighborhoods with real-time notifications. It’s not that a surveillance operative is breaking any laws but it’s easier for people to be curious and aware of their surroundings at home and even away from their homes.


At New Data, Investigators are skilled in using technology to advance an investigation and also are aware of how technology is going to affect their abilities to obtain meaningful evidence while remaining undetected throughout the process. 

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