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Vancouver Private Investigators



New Data Risk Solutions & Investigations Private Investigator Team

At New Data Risk Solutions & Investigations Inc. from our Executives to our field operatives and clients, everyone is informed throughout any assignments. Everyone employed or associated with our company will have similar and complementary skill sets, thus enhancing our capabilities and resources.


Our Team of Investigators are of the most experienced men and women in our profession. Many of our Investigators have successfully testified in court, where their evidence and testimony has resulted in measurable mitigating outcomes and meaningful case law.


Due to the sensitive nature of our industry and profession, it is New Data Risk Solutions & Investigations Inc. policy not to post or publish the individual qualifications, or backgrounds of our Investigators or consultants.


Once our client’s needs have been assessed the appropriate investigator or consultant will be assigned, whereby his or her qualifications could be reviewed prior to commencement of any assignment. This policy ensures the highest level of confidentiality for all parties involved and allows our team ongoing anonymity, discretion, and the ability to more effectively produce results.

Please visit our Investigative Services page for a comprehensive list of Investigative Services.


In addition, we encourage you to call 604-260-1100 or email


Our Management and staff of Private Investigators in BC are available to answer your question and discuss new assignments. 

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