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cheating spouse or infidelity investigations domestic & family matters



Private investigator for cheating spouse

The thought of suspicion that your partner or spouse is being unfaithful, by its self can be a painful and emotional experience. At New Data Risk Solutions & Investigations our team of Private investigators will work closely with you to help make the even the thought of infidelity, less traumatic and painful. We have learned through our experience that sometimes things are not as suspected, and we are often able to save our clients more heartache and cost. We are motivated when working with domestic investigations to bring about a sense of knowing and closure. If we are able to establish early in an investigation that there are no signs of infidelity or cheating we inform our client immediately allowing them peace of mind while saving them valuable time and resources.

Cheating Spouce Vancouver Private Investigator

At New Data Risk Solutions & Investigations we also assist families and legal counsel with family matters that pertain to child abduction by family and locating and investigating deadbeat parents. Investigations into the lives of partners, when it comes to child custody cases can have an impact between custody and visitation.

Cheating Spouce or Partner Vancouver PI
  1. An instinct and a gut feeling that something is not right!

  2. More aware of where their phone is and protective of it.

  3. More regular instances that they are unreachable.

  4. Working out more and focusing on their appearance

  5. Changing habits with work and excuses to work late

  6. Can’t account for some spending cash and credit cards

  7. Friends are different or seem uncomfortable with you

  8. Lack of sexual and or emotional connection or intimacy

  9. Dating Apps/Sites advertising to their social media feeds​

  10. Angry or deflective about the topic of infidelity or cheating

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