Private Investigator BC

Private Investigative Services or Private Investigator in BC New Data has Private Investigators in cities and locations across the Province. At New Data Risk Solutions & Investigations we provide Investigative expertise for a wide range of Investigative, Risk Solutions, and Surveillance related needs for both people and corporations


Every assignment is approached with an objective to provide “New Data” to our clients, uncovering, acquiring and documenting evidence through whatever legal means necessary, utilizing the latest investigative techniques, software, equipment, and technologies.


At New Data our Management and Investigators work effortlessly with our clients, legal counsel, adjusters and corporate decision-makers in providing a tailored range of Investigative & Risk Mitigating Solutions pertaining too:

Investigative Services Vancouver
BC Private Investigator

If you need a Vancouver Private Investigator or a Surrey Private Investigator or anywhere in British Columbia, we can assist you with whatever your needs or requirements.


At New Data Risk Solutions & Investigations Inc, all of our Investigators have over 10,000 hrs working on assignments as a Private Investigator.  

Many of our Investigators have specialized in one or two services and our leadership and management have spent their entire careers as Private Investigators in the Vancouver BC area, specializing in multiple types of investigations throughout BC, Canada, and different parts of the world.  

Call us today to discuss your needs and speak with one of our Investigative specialists pertaining to one or more of the following services: