Covert Hidden Video, Vancouver, Surrey & BC
Covert Hidden Video, Vancouver, Surrey & BC

Have suspicions of someone stealing property or time is one thing but you need proof. Covert video provides insight into whatever your concerns. 

Is someone stealing from you or your business?  

Is someone defrauding you or your business?

How are your loved ones being cared for?

It has been said that "a picture is worth a thousand words" 

Our "covert video is priceless" 

Covert Hidden Video: As part of our Surveillance and security services, we are highly experienced in covert cameras and video monitoring installation.


If you want to eliminate and risk manage your loss prevention and security issues, then these services are available and deployable with proper planning and timing.


New Data Risk Solutions & Investigations can provide monitoring and installation to many different businesses and personal situations and issues such as:

  • Covert and Mobile Surveillance

  • Elderly abuse issues

  • Employee and workplace issues

  • Loss prevention for both personal and business

  • Nanny Cam’s and child monitoring

  • Vehicle and fleet tracking

Covert Hidden Video for:

  • Retail environments 

  • Wearhouse environment 

  • Shipping and Receiving environments 

  • Domestic environments 

  • Commercial Office environments 

  • Remote location environments  

  • Vehicle and Logistics environments  

  • We can also teach Loss Prevention staff to utilized our systems to enhance their testimony with video evidence

  • Custom Solutions can be designed to operate in most environments and in most conditions 

Call us today to discuss your needs and challenges. 

Covert Hidden Video, Vancouver, Surrey & BC