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How expensive is it to hire a private investigator?

The real question is can you afford not to hire a Private Investigator?

Meaning if you don’t hire a Private Investigator, what might be the consequences or outcomes to not taking action?

The other part of the equation is what type of Investigative Service do you need? Rates or costs for Investigative services will vary depending on what your needs and or objective/s are.

If you need Surveillance: what if you don’t hire a Surveillance Private Investigator? Will you be able to acquire arm lengths, real-time valuable irrefutable evidence in some other way?

If you require a Threat Assessment: What could be the cost to the security and safety of those who might be at risk, if no action is taken?

If you require Due Diligence or Background Check: What will you not learn or know that might make the difference in any business or personal relationship or transaction. Hindsight is 20/20, but the decision to hire a Private Investigator is now.

Many if not all Investigative Services have a mitigating effect for clients, if conducted with skilled and experienced Investigators. So, if spending $5000 on an Investigation, to mitigate or save $10,000 or more, I would suggest that hiring the right Private Investigator or Firm pays for itself! In addition an Investigation done right, can contribute to huge mitigating financial savings and by reducing or eliminating future risk.

The general principals are the same for: How expensive is it to hire a private investigator? vs. How much does it cost to hire a Private Investigator? with a few important and noted distinctions!

If you just want to know about Private Investigation rates please see this blog:

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