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Vancouver Private Investigator- Featured in the Daily Hive

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

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Whether you are researching Private Investigation or How to Hire a Private Investigator, or you are just curious about Investigative Services, there are many terms for an Investigator such as:

  1. Private Investigator

  2. Private Detective

  3. Private Eye

  4. P.I.

  5. Gumshoe

  6. Investigator

  7. Spy

  8. Operative

  9. Private Dick

  10. Professional Investigator

No matter what term is used to describe a P.I, Private Investigators around the world will provide a variety of Investigative services and employ male and female Private Investigators with diverse investigative experiences and skillsets.

Vancouver Private Investigator and CEO of New Data Risk Solutions & Investigations Inc, talks about being a Private Investigator, hiring a P.I. and how much does it cost to hire a private investigator in Surrey, Vancouver, BC, or Canada.


New Data Risk Solutions & Investigations Inc.


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